About Us

Gainesville Jewelry was started in 1977 by Phil Forrester, with just a 600 square foot jewelry store with one counter. He borrowed $8500 from his dad and went into the jewelry business cold turkey. After 43 years, he now has a 7000 square ft free-standing jewelry store. Over the years, he has built a highly successful business with his original goals given to him by his father.

Our mission, which was given to Phil by his father is to treat every person that walks through our front door like family, to provide the best quality available, and to always be truthful to our friends and neighbors. We decided early on in our business not to work in a commission system because Phil found in many cases jewelry sales associates attempted to sale the most expensive piece to the customer in order to make a larger commission.

Our goal has always been to pick to the most beautiful and appropriate jewelry piece that fits our special customer’s neck, finger, or wrist etc. no matter the price. It has always been about what brings out the most beautiful qualities in our customer. Because at Gainesville Jewelry, WE ARE WHERE FAIRY TALE ENDINGS BEGIN!

Our staff is comprised of ladies and gentlemen who take pride in helping clients in every aspect of the jewelry business. Being a family-owned business, our staff is like family and we want to treat our customers like family as well. We take pride in that being number one at Gainesville Jewelry.

We have associates who have been with us 20 plus years and an in-house Master Jeweler who has 35+ years experience from changing watch batteries to creating the most amazing custom diamond pieces you have seen. We also have a GIA-educated appraiser and we offer appraisals on jewelry as well.

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